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Oil Type Transformers

Specifications Oil Type Transformers

Oil type upto 10 MVA, 33 kV class
Reactors for currents upto 5000A, 33Kv, 15Mh
Converter Duty – Dual Secondary, 2, 3 or 4 windings
Multi Tap transformers
Corrugated Tank Transformers
Lighting Transformers


Winding on HT side are provided with sufficient end-turn reinforcement for extra strength. Windings are pre shrunk and impregnated under, vacuum with hot dry Transformer oil before assembly to ensure their proper functioning.
Radial as well as axial clearances and cooling ducts provided for the coils add to the safety and uniform cooling of the windings and limbs.
Windings are designed to withstand sufficient thermal, dynamic and electrical stresses induced during operation as well as under short circuit conditions
Each tank is pressure tested and the exterior surface coated with primer and 2 coats of weather-proof paint, the shade being dark grey 1110. 6 of IS-5/1980. The interior is given anti-corrosive protection with oil Hesistant varnish.
Transformers are supplied with first filling of insulating oil conforming to IS-335/1980.


CRGO silicon steel mitred cores and paper enamel covered conductors the units are made compact, resulting in lower losses, better regulation and longer life
Core and tank designed to keep noise levels minimum

Customized Solutions Voltage regulation is provided with winding tappings as per customer's specifications generally at +/- 2.5% and +/- 5% of input voltage. As a standard, Tap changing is effected by means of externally hand-operated 'OFF CIRCUIT' tap-changing switch. On-Load tap changers (OLTC) with variety of steps to offer optimum control can be offered. All tap-changing switches have indicators and locking device. Special Multi tapping transformers are also in the product range, besides the special duty transformers.