Specifications LT Panels

Design tested at CPRI for short circuit & temperature rise as per IS standards
One of the first to get designs type tested at 100 kVA with switchgear
4000A Panels successfully tested at CPRI for temperature rise as per IS standards
Form 1/2/3a/3b/4a/4b design, in DOP- IP- 54
CNC Fabricated fully bolted standardized designs
Computer Aided Design(CAD)systems
Panel enclosure degree of protection IP - 54, IP – 55 & IP 65
Anti-corrosion treatment
Automatic spray conveyrised Pre Treatment plant with 11 Tank Process
Painting in dust & vermin proof paint booths & ovens
Non hygroscopic SMC bus bar supports for best mechanical & electrical strengths for fault current withstand
Bus bars and interlinks are insulated with heat shrinkable PVC sleeves
Provision for future expansion for both sides
All live parts are shrouded with polycarbonate sheets
Customer choice of protection, metering and controlling including SCADA interface
Floor mounted VCB with ramp & spring charging handle
Single & Double Front Panel (PCC/ MCC /PMCC /MDB)
Provision for padlocking feeder & bus bar shutters
Conforms to IS - 3118 & IEC - 62271 - 100 Standards

Types Main LT Panel PCC (Power Control Center) Auto/Manual Synchronising / Load Sharing Panel AMF Panels MCC (Motor Control Center) Control and Relay Panel Control Desk & Mimic Panels Intelligent Switchboards with Computer & BMS Interface Capacitor Panel Feeder Pillar Meter Board Main Distribution Board (MDB) Bus Ducts & Rising Mains

MV switchboard
Rated voltage: upto 24 kV
Rated current:
loop: 630 A
Transformer protection: 200 A upto 630 A according to specifications.
Short-time withstand current: upto 25 kA -1s

LV switchboard
Rated voltage: 440 V
Incomer: upto 2000 A circuit breaker
Feeders: max. upto
10 nos. of 250 A MCCB or
7 nos. of 400 A MCCB or
5 nos. of 630 A MCCB